Monday, March 8, 2010

E winter camps & learns the virtues of CHEESE

(check out the nibble marks on that hunk of colby-jack! curses and the stink eye for any one who may try to take it away!)

we left home on the tail end of a snowstorm, returned with a second blizzard nipping at our heels, and had one glorious day of sunshine inbetween.

earlier this winter our friend kevin volunteered his old wall tent to use as a semi-permanent camp spot up barabara valley. together with a few other friends we bought a lightweight woodstove, found a sweet (hidden) basecamp about three miles up the valley, and started planning our winter adventures. a lack of snow (and an abundance of rain) kept our plans on hold until finally - mid-march! - winter arrived full force.

five adults, two babies, two dogs. (and ellis' and katmai's first winter camping trip together!) the first morning we woke to bright sunshine and calm. glorious! as we meandered farther up the valley floor we came across miles of flat, gorgeous meadows . . . with magical giant cottonwoods populating the riverbank . . . and the sight of a fresh avalanche to keep us on our toes.

i LOVE this valley and the ridges that surround it. thank goodness for kevin's good ideas; for ellis' and katmai's willingness to go anywhere on their parents' backs; and for toivey breaking trail the whole way there and back.

and - thank goodness for a warm home to return to! the snowdrifts were thigh-deep as we waded back to the house this afternoon, and the wind is still whipping around outside . . . feels just as good to have a warm bath and a big bed to slide into.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

two sweethearts

it dawned on me the other night as i watched the little guy sleeping, sprawled out across our bed, looking more and more like a big boy, that i probably should've been writing about him from the very beginning . . . what i am amazed by daily. writing due to the fear of forgetting. that doesn't seem possible at the moment - forgetting - but i also know my damara-brain and that most solid memories and facts and day-to-day particulars get lost along the way. so, just a few words: sweaty head after napping against me; the bright eyes and quick breathing every time he opens the bathroom cabinet door; his fake cry; the two minutes of low moaning before he falls asleep each night; uncontrollable laughter each time the toivey-dog sneezes; how he loves to drink water, gulping and gulping; how his face lights up when his pa walks in the door; the conversational tone as he "talks" - usually explaining, sometimes complaining, always telling me how it is.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

bathing with ma

the little guy sure likes to have fun in the water -
damara says she's going to make sure he is not afraid of water like his papa.
lately, every saturday we've been taking ellis to the pool at the school.
he's loving it. cheers, andy.

Friday, January 8, 2010

ellis gazing at papa

good day all!
i took this pic of ellis during our walk down to mcdonald spit.
gotta love em...cheers, andy.